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    Coming Soon: Pipeline Geohazards: Planning, Construction and Operations

    This second edition of the 2008 ASME publication on the same topic is an expanded and updated treatment of a broader range of pipeline geohazard management aspects to serve the global community of pipeliners - both those of a geotechnical background as well as their colleagues in the multi-disciplinary teams that deal practically with these issues.  The book strikes a balance between overviews of certain topics and somewhat more detailed treatment of other topics.  Recognized experts were invited to contribute entire chapters, short Invited Technical Briefs or longer Invited Perspectives in their areas of specialization.

    This book's comprehensive treatment of pipeline geohazards includes:
    - Terrain analysis for corridor selection using data generation, integration and visualization techniques
    - Geotechnical engineering and pipeline construction interface considerations
    - Trenched and elevated river crossings
    - Trenchless techniques for pipeline construction
    - Practical overview for addressing several critical pipeline geohazard mechanisms, namely: buoyancy control; erosion and sediment control; pipelines in permafrost and the assessment and mitigation of seismic geohazards
    - State-of-practice overview of quantitative geohazard assessment, monitoring and mitigation of various mechanisms
    - Bibliography of related publications from prominent pipeline conferences

    Editor(s): Moness Rizkalla and Rodney Read
    Copyright 2018, ASME
    ISBN: 9780791861790

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    Pipeline Geo-Environmental Design and Geohazard Management

    Avaluable reference to important geoenvironmental topics for pipeline engineers worldwide; provides generalists with working knowledge in the topics addressed to better define design, construction and integrity management issues and to identify practical solutions.

    Editor(s): Moness Rizkalla
    Copyright 2008, ASME
    Print ISBN10: 0791802816
    Print ISBN13: 9780791802816

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    Managing geohazard mitigation

    When managing a geohazard in the design or operations phase, a pipeline company has two options to maintain pipeline integrity: reduce or eliminate the geohazard (the cause), or reduce or eliminate the pipeline impacts (the effect).
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    Monitoring geohazards

    Damage to a pipeline from geohazard activity is a serious concern to pipeline operators.
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    Methodologies of Pipeline Geohazard Assessment

    A series of brief articles on pipeline geohazard management has been adapted from the Pipeline Geo-Environmental Design and Geohazard Management book edited by Moness Rizkalla and published by ASME in 2008. In the first of this series, a definition of geohazards is offered followed by a listing of numerous geohazard mechanisms that may occur globally grouped into ten categories.
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    A Global Perspective on Pipeline Geohazards

    Geohazard' management practice has advanced considerably in recent years, due to several factors: global pipeline expansion in areas of difficult terrain, coupled with a greater understanding of the prevalence of geohazards; business and regulatory drivers promoting the proactive management of these hazards; and, an active peer community that is enabled with ever-improving tools to better manage this class of pipeline integrity hazards. published Pipelines International - December 2012
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    The Assessment and Management of Pipeline Geohazards

    This Technical Paper was prepared for presentation at the Rio Pipeline Conference & Exposition 2007, held between 2 and 4 October 2007, in Rio de Janeiro. This Technical Paper was selected for presentation by the Technical Committee of the event according to the information contained in the abstract submitted by the author(s).

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