Geohazard Management

Geohazard ManagementVia+ recognizes the potentially wide range of geohazards that impact pipelines worldwide. Our semi-automated process uses a variety of datasets to delineate the identification and assessment of potential threats or hazards to pipelines, during all stages of pipeline planning, development, and operation.

via+ focusses on the identification and assessment of potential threats, or hazards to pipeline, especially those of a geohazard nature including our on-shore customers’ most common threats:

  • geological
  • geotechnical
  • tectonic
  • hydrotechnical

We specialize in assessing pipeline risk and producing an overall risk profile at different stages of a pipeline’s lifecycle. via+ identifies unexpected ground conditions and their implications. We produce hazard and risk profiles that are essential in the early stages of the pipeline lifecycle: in route selection, in design and during construction. During the operations phase we work to continually update integrity management plans for our clients.

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via+'s vision is to be the premier pipeline integrity consulting and services supplier worldwide in all aspects of the management of external load pipeline hazards, including: Mechanical Damage and Geohazards.

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