Encroachment Analytics

Encroachment MonitoringUnderstand the underlying causes of 3rd Party Damage along your Right of Way

The Challenge

More than 90% of mechanical damage induced failures occur immediately upon contact.

70% of mechanical damage incidents occur in cases where unauthorized encroachment take place without any contact being made with the local First Call organizations

65% of mechanical damage incidents occur on pipelines with some level of signage

The Solution

via+ provides a proactive preventative capability and analytics to avoid incidents caused by third-party encroachment.

We are able to determine:

  • Where it's happening
  • When it's happening
  • Why it's happening

Determine where your hotspots are and where the Alert & Alarm clusters occur.

We provide a Proactive Prevention Service:

  1. Capture data
  2. Analyze
  3. Forecast
  4. Proactively Prevent Incidents

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About via+

via+'s vision is to be the premier pipeline integrity consulting and services supplier worldwide in all aspects of the management of external load pipeline hazards, including: Mechanical Damage and Geohazards.

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