Encroachment Monitoring

Encroachment MonitoringIncrease your Situational Awareness!

Stop 3rd party damage before it happens!
  • Proactive prevention of 3rd party damage
  • Proven technology
  • Incorporates regional and local One-Call system
  • GIS compatible
  • Integrated detection and notification process
  • Minimal impact on field operation
Third party encroachment on a pipeline's right of way (RoW) is a leading cause of pipeline incidents. To help mitigate this hazard, via+ has developed a pipeline Right of Way (RoW) encroachment detection service.

via+'s Encroachment Management Service (EMS) is becoming an increasingly effective way to help minimize 3rd party encroachment damage. Our technology was developed jointly by via+ and C-CORE in collaboration with the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI).

EMS enables the pipeline industry to implement a proactive prevention of third party damage in relatively localized areas, including rapidly growing population corridors around major population centres. Our service offers a significant improvement toward the pipeline industry's need for proactive prevention of third party damage.

In north America, via+'s EMS is integrated into One-Call services and into a pipeline company's communications system. Our response capability can be customized to communicate to operations or gas control staff "Alarm" notifications of potential mechanical damage before equipment reaches the RoWs.

An important technical component of the EMS is the automated software, which enables rapid detection and reporting of encroaching equipment. via+ has developed a proactive prevention solution for mechanical damage threats based on satellite monitoring.

Depending on the adjacent land use of the area under surveillance we can notify One-Call service providers of an encroachment event within 24 hours, and some events within four hours.

The advantages of satellite-based RoW monitoring over conventional air patrol include:
  • Weather independent monitoring
  • Higher monitoring frequency than typically undertaken by air patrol
  • Potentially wider monitoring swath-width
  • Ability to trace and document the process, thereby offering an incremental demonstration of due diligence

Our current EMS technical capabilities include:
  • Detection rates of 80% to 90% for radar and optical imagery
  • Low false alarm rates of 10% to 15% for both types of imagery
  • Turnaround times for radar imagery, from image capture to client notification, of 3 hours

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