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In recent years, the pipeline engineering and construction community has gained valuable experience associated with routing, design and construction of new major pipeline projects in challenging environments and in meeting the heightened expectations of ensuring the integrity of aging operating systems.

World-wide, governments and their regulatory agencies are raising their expectations of the pipeline industry. Pipeline companies are required to deal more rigorously with Geohazards including landslides, erosion and seismicity.


A practical and applied overview of leading geohazard management practices and methodologies are introduced for both the design and operations stages of a pipeline lifecycle.

This 2 to 3 day tailored course is based on two recently published definitive documents concerning Geohazard Management

  • Guidelines for Constructing Natural Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbon Pipeline Through Areas Prone to Landslides and Subsidence Hazards, Published by the Pipeline Research Council International, Washington, DC.
  • Rizkalla ed, Geo-Environmental Design and Geohazard Management published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), New York, NY.

Topics covered in the course

  • Regional Geohazards – Focus on the more commonly encountered hazards including landslides, seismic, subsidence and water course related integrity issues.
  • Data Management – Requirements, handling & treatment.
  • Risk Assessment Methodologies –Prioritizing, what & when to address.
  • Monitoring – Outline of options.
  • Design and Operational Mitigation - Overview of options.
  • Geohazard Management Planning Process – Putting it all together.


Courses are scheduled on request.

To schedule a company specific course, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more Information.

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